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Fast and attentive movers who were extremely kind and did a commendable job!!

  • T. Huck
  • 17Jun 2024

We were pleasantly surprised by the absence of any negative incidents, such as broken items or unexpected fees from High Wycombe Moving Firm.

  • L. Jackson
  • 22May 2024

These recommended movers provided exceptional service from start to finish, I cannot speak highly enough of their services.

  • Brendan S.
  • 21Mar 2024

From start to finish, High Wycombe Removal Companies proved themselves to be reliable and efficient, providing us with a seamless moving experience that we won't forget.

  • R. Campbell
  • 11Mar 2024

Kudos to Removal Service High Wycombe for providing such affordable prices and exceptional service as local movers! Their quote was outstanding and their staff was truly professional. Thank you!

  • Stella Dixon
  • 28Feb 2024

I would confidently recommend their services or consider hiring them again if needed in the future.

  • Peter
  • 18Feb 2024

Our belongings arrived at our new home in perfect condition, thanks to High Wycombe Moving Firm during our local move - highly recommend!

  • Martin
  • 08Feb 2024

Thanks to the team's promptness and hard work, my move was completed smoothly within the expected time-frame, with no damages whatsoever.

  • Leon
  • 29Jan 2024

Thanks to their expertise and dedication, we were able to complete our move with minimal stress and without any issues.

  • Steven P.
  • 19Jan 2024

Excellent service yet again! Just as we had specified and confirmed with the removal team ahead of time. The trio of movers were composed, quick, and impressively capable!

  • Frank J.
  • 05Jan 2024

Thanks to High Wycombe Removal Companies' excellent removal services, our house relocation went smoothly without any hassle.

  • Grace Horler
  • 11Dec 2023

A first-class, friendly service from start right through to completion - what more could you ask for in a mover? On top of that, they offered reliable and swift delivery of services as well as exemplary customer service.

  • Dominick B.
  • 26Jul 2023

At Removal Service High Wycombe, the staff were truly professional and energetic workers, who applied specialist packing for our more delicate belongings. We went through the packing and moving process effectively.

  • Corey Clarke
  • 06Feb 2023

The movers from High Wycombe Moving Firm are bloody fantastic. Top moving service in the area.

  • Joe S.
  • 05Aug 2019

I was very worried about moving to my new house because I've never moved on my own before! I thought that hiring a removals company would be a wise decision as my furniture is just too heavy for me to manoeuvre on my own, and because I'd heard good things about HighWycombeRemovals I decided to give them a call. They gave me a very fair price quote that was much lower than I'd been expecting, but they still managed to provide me with fantastically skilled and friendly movers and a generally great service. I'll be using this service again!

  • Ellen Simons
  • 22Oct 2014

I hired domestic removal help from HighWycombeRemovals and I'm writing this review just to tell everyone how fantastic this service is! Unlike my last house move, nothing got broken, nobody got stressed and nothing got forgotten about! Moving was an absolutely pleasure with this company - the employees treated me with a lot of respect and were very friendly, and the service itself was speedy and efficient. I was also impressed with the pricing, which was a lot more affordable than other companies that I've seen advertised. If you're torn between removal companies then definitely give this one a go!

  • Sandra
  • 31Jul 2014

If you are looking for a decent removals company, then you should definitely give HighWycombeRemovals a call. I found them to be very helpful, and great at ensuring that everything was sorted well in advance of the removal, so that there was no panic to speak of overall. The prices were good, and the team were pleasant, so me and my husband were very impressed really! We will certainly use them again, and hope that others will do so as well!

  • Maria Perry
  • 16Jul 2014